Software for Windows

Software for Windows

by George Frias
Created: 2020-06-11 | Updated: 2021-03-31

41f651c73e3473ca573fb8a1e8b0c3ab.png All of the software here is free, click paid software for more.

Audio software

software-audio.pngAudio software
Introduction to Audio software -
Audacity Record audio and a lot more. - link-internet.png

Computing software

software-computing.pngComputing software
Introduction to Computing software -
LibreOffice Writer Software that just keeps getting better with time. link-local.png link-internet.png
Thunderbird The best free email client there is. - link-internet.png

Database software

software-database.pngDatabase software
Introduction to Database software -
LibreOffice Base Database viewer software - -
SQL Server Database solution for backend programming. - link-internet.png
SQLite Database solution for computer programs. - link-internet.png

Graphics software

Graphics software provides great ways to enhance images so that an end product can be marketed or intermixed.

software-graphics.pngGraphics software
Introduction to Graphics software -
Artweaver Graphics suite with the best brushes. - link-internet.png
Blender 3D computer graphics software toolset, I use it for video production. - link-internet.png
GIMP Making graphic design possible. link-local.png link-internet.png
Inkscape SVG editor. - link-internet.png
Lightshot Advanced screenshot taking tool with upload option. - link-internet.png

Hardware software

Software for Microsoft Windows hardware.

software-hardware.pngHardware software
Introduction to Hardware software -
Windows Scan Simple, and quick, Windows software installation to utilize a printer's scanner. - link-internet.png

Programming software

My nexus for programming tools.

software-programming.pngProgramming software
Introduction to Programming software -
Visual Studio IDE for computer programming and backend programming. link-local.png link-internet.png
Visual Studio Code Lightweight solution for editing frontend programming files. link-local.png link-internet.png

SDK software

software-sdk.pngSDK software
Introduction to SDK software -
LZMA SDK (7Zip) Compile the .EXE. - link-internet.png

Server software

software-server.pngServer software
Introduction to Server software -
IIS Web server for frontend and backend environments. link-local.png link-internet.png

Utility Software

Important software accompanying computing.

software-utility.pngUtility software
Introduction to Utility software -
7-Zip Create an archive of a folder, folders, file, or files. - link-internet.png
HTML Help Workshop The version on this page is the only location where you will find it. - link-internet.png
Resource Hacker To change an icon in a DLL or EXE. - link-internet.png
WiX Toolset Framework that runs on top of the Windows installer technology. - link-internet.png