by George Frias
Created: 2020-07-25 | Updated: 2022-03-23

41f651c73e3473ca573fb8a1e8b0c3ab.png Online services for public and private use.

Builder hosting

link-builder.pngBuilder hosting
Introduction to builder hosting - The fundamentals for an online presence service. - link-internet.png
Wikidot The Awwshop hosting service. link-local.png link-internet.png

Collaboration hosting

link-collaboration.pngCollaboration hosting
Introduction to collaboration hosting -
Bitly The URL shortening service. - link-internet.png
GitHub Multi-service host. link-local.png - Text to PDF with image hosting. - link-internet.png The free subdomain name service. - link-internet.png

DNS hosting

link-dns.pngDNS hosting
Introduction to DNS hosting -
Cloudflare The first DNS service with standard/free SSL. - link-internet.png

File hosting

link-file.pngFile hosting
Introduction to file hosting -
Box Used privately for backing up a third copy of a workspace. - link-internet.png
Dropbox Inline file hosting for JavaScript. - link-internet.png
Lightshot Screenshot hosting service. - link-internet.png
MediaFire How you download a file from - link-internet.png
YouTube The video hosting of legends. - link-internet.png

Text hosting

link-text.pngText hosting
Introduction to text hosting -
Gist The service with the most syntax highlighting. link-local.png link-internet.png
JSFiddle Best free spot for frontend website programming. - link-internet.png
Pastebin A great service for an exhibit of code. - link-internet.png

Website hosting

link-website.pngWebsite hosting
Introduction to website hosting -
DriveHQ Wonderful service for your FTP driven website. link-local.png link-internet.png
GitHub Pages Best free website hosting. link-local.png link-internet.png
Neocities A dot ORG service for your website. - link-internet.png
Netlify State of the art website hosting for yourself. - link-internet.png
Surge A space for you to learn and share with others. - link-internet.png