by George Frias
Created: 2020-06-14 | Updated: 2021-03-31

info.png Resources for creating custom booklets.

Paper booklets

Even though the software from this website is meant to be an alternative for templates like these, it really is nothing to share the stuff. It's quicker to create a template than it is to add product features to software, so the page may turn out to be the drawing board for new software features.

Booklet resource Software Download
1. Front cover GIMP file-xcf.png
2. Page template for creating anything (Larger left margin) Writer file-ott.png
3. Action tracking
Print ready PDF - file-pdf.png
LibreOffice template Writer file-ott.png
LibreOffice template Writer file-ott.png
info.png Writer is in reference to LibreOffice Writer.