2022-03-08: Printer turns into the only asset that exists within Ingenuity but titled differently, the rest goes to Operations under Software. Awwshop Assets from About coming to ingenuity. Resource links for programming from the home page coming to Ingenuity. Resource links from Arts coming to Ingenuity.

info.png Ingenuity is the section for all the top parts. In essence, a top floor.
  1. Graphics - Images primarily used for icons, buttons, accents, and bullets.
  2. Fonts - Font for websites, word processing documents, and software.
  3. Photos - Resources that easily bring a lifelike (realism) quality to anything.
  4. Sound - Enhance an experience with sound(s).
  5. Video - Create videos without filming anything.


link-graphic.pngService name
Free SVG link-internet.png
Pixabay link-internet.png
Public Domain Vectors link-internet.png
SVG Silhouette link-internet.png
Transparent Textures link-internet.png


link-font.pngService name Hosted CC0 Link
FontSpace indicator-no-1.png indicator-no-1.png link-internet.png
FontStruct indicator-no-1.png indicator-yes-1.png link-internet.png
info.png Find system fonts in Font fundamentals.


link-photo.pngService name
Pexels link-internet.png
Pixabay link-internet.png
PIXNIO link-internet.png
Public Domain Archive link-internet.png
Public Domain Pictures link-internet.png
Unsplash link-internet.png


link-sound.pngService name
Audio Library link-internet.png
Freesound link-internet.png


link-video.pngService name
Coverr link-internet.png
Pexels link-internet.png
Pixabay link-internet.png