Fundamentals for Awwshop programming

by George Frias
Created: 2020-05-20 | Updated: 2022-04-10

info.png Merging three skills into fundamentals.


The wonders of frontend programming, computer programming, and backend programming with me, George. I code on Windows 10 with the current version of Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Code, all software from Microsoft. Find resources for HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, XAML, Visual Basic, MVC Razor, and even VBScript.

This section is meant to contain the basics that are shared or common among frontend programming, computer programming, and backend programming. Each an entirely different set of skills.

Just to make things clear, because I balance three skills the technical ability here is way fun.


A Frontend programming project produces a website product.

A Computer programming project produces a software product.

A Backend programming project produces a server product.


Website: All browsers. Currently supporting all using scaling technology but promoting unfinished technology for a view system at Awwshop named Displays Project. The beta project is in its third iteration but a cookies or privacy service script is required/needed-to-be-lined in the Displays Project.

Software: Installation files for Windows 10 computers.