by George Frias
Created: 2021-04-18 | Updated: 2021-05-08

info.png Being more by putting it in front of me.
  1. School - The courses I select are from universities.
  2. School service - A service providing the course and certificate.


MOOC stands for massive open online course.

Full name Common name Short name Info
seal-28x28-stanford.png Leland Stanford Junior University Stanford University Stanford link-school.png
seal-28x28-colorado.png University of Colorado CU Colorado link-school.png

School service

Courses are created and provided by schools but look to be part of a wider service that includes other schools. School services that I use are listed next, find even more school services at MoocLab.

School service
logo-28x28-coursera.png Coursera link-school-service.png