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by George Frias
Created: 2020-11-02 | Updated: 2020-03-08

info.png A help section is for software.


I've used both a live website and a compiled file for software help sections, each on more than one occasion. While the website is great, I'm only using a compiled file now because it's more inline with the software experience I'm attempting to achieve.

1 Comparison of documentation generators - Wikipedia link-internet.png
2 Category:Online help - Wikipedia link-internet.png
3 Microsoft Assistance Markup Language - Wikipedia link-internet.png
4 Sandcastle (software) - Wikipedia link-internet.png

HTML Help Workshop

NOTE: Sandcastle uses newer technology (Help 2.0 Workshop), although it's similarly not being updated. HTML Help Workshop uses HTML Help 1.33, and there is reference for command line compiling using HTML Help Workshop executables.

HTML Help Workshop
1 Microsoft Compiled HTML Help - Wikipedia link-internet.png
2 HTML Help Workshop link-local.png