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HTML Help Workshop

by George Frias
Created: 2020-09-30 | Updated: 2021-03-08

info.png A personal reference for a software help section creation system.
  1. Introduction - Find out what HTML Help Workshop is.
  2. HTML - There are differences in the rendering of this HTML.
  3. Project - Related to the creation and setup of a project.
  4. Extras - Small changes that make a big impact.


Getting to know what HTML Help Workshop is, and a lot more from Microsoft.

1 Introduction to HTML Help Workshop file-pdf.png
2 Microsoft HTML Help 1.4 link-library.png
3 Microsoft HTML Help 1.4 technology link-extra.png
4 Download: HTML Help Workshop and Documentation link-internet.png
5 Delete recent file list (Restart application or run when closed.) file-reg.png
6 Registry fix for bad recent file path file-pdf.png
7 Demo project file-7z.png
info.png HTML Help Workshop is a single instance application. (You can only work on one project at a time.)


There are differences with some aspects to the rendering of HTML in a HTML Help Workshop compilation file.

Description Doc
1 Coding filesystem structure file-pdf.png
2 Coding CSS file-pdf.png


Only settings that I set or change are mentioned, and my setup is the most basic or least work intensive. Also, the instruction is in the order I found to be most effective in getting things quickly completed.

Description (Stepwise instruction) Doc
1 Project creation file-pdf.png
2 Contents tab file-pdf.png
3 Topic file file-pdf.png
4 Window file-pdf.png
5 Options file-pdf.png


Description Doc
1 Navigation file-pdf.png