by George Frias
Created: 2019-10-22 | Updated: 2020-03-08

info.png I use Wikidot as a website, not a forum.
  1. Introduction - Starting my Wikidot website from nothing.
  2. Site blocks - Extra components that provide for the customization of the layout.
  3. Layout - Wikidot allows for the customization of the layout using live templates.
  4. Tags
  5. Meta Tags


Let me start by saying that I use Wikidot to create a website, not a wiki for unlimited users. Also, I'm the only person working on this website.

I started my website using the free version without HTTPS because I needed something that would not be limited by extra traffic that I could not afford. It was the perfect solution for a resource I will always need.

When I first started using my wiki I wanted to see the file structure to figure out just how the service worked. The categories module provides a list of categorized pages, I put my module here.

After that the following was left over: Admin, Random Site, Wikidot Reference

Site blocks

I like the top toolbar, the Edit and Explore links are fantastic. As for the Wikidot nav:top and nav:side, I only use nav:top. I use nav:top for navbar links and the to-top link at the bottom right of the site.

NOTE: I use the live template for menu elements, and I also found it practical to have more than one menu/live-template.

Awwshop nav:top usage link-screenshot.png
Live template link-screenshot.png


A custom theme is the ability to use your own CSS for the elements of a site. It requires the knowledge in coding cascading style sheets. For more on that, visit W3Schools.

Custom theme admin link-screenshot.png
Custom theme install link-screenshot.png
Live template link-screenshot.png
Live template extra help file-pdf.png


I found tags to not be useful because the links were to nothing. Also, these tags have nothing to do with meta tags.

Meta Tags

You can insert meta tags following the Option (page bottom) menu/link.

I tried using the robots noindex meta tag to remove hidden pages (_template) from showing up in the search, it did not work. Also, it's probably a good idea to include noindex so that other search engines do not list pages that should not be indexed.