About Awwshop

by George Frias
Created: 2019-10-22 | Updated: 2022-03-18

info.png Awwshop can stand for A web workshop and A Web Workshop.
  1. About the website - What this website is meant to be.
  2. Background - More about myself and the work here.
  3. Milestones - Great things along the way.

About the website

This website holds research in all its stages. It's my place of learning by trial and error.

Eventually, after technology is mature, moving on by using the technology with a paid platform is a goal for myself. Not sure what that means for the apex research, time will tell.

I also include online courses that I take in the education section of the website.

Awwshop @ Wikidot is considered an education account, so I receive some freebies. Thank you, Wikidot.


My name is George and I'm the only person contributing to this website. For more about me, check out my autobiography.


2019 October - Apex website for learning about software manufacturing created.

2021 March - Awwshop.com connected to site and awwshop.wikidot.com is the working address.